How do I register as a client at Idos? +

How do I get to the Idos clinic? +

How does Idos keep me safe from Covid? +

Who can use the Idos Practice? +

What are the standards at Idos? +

What is complementary care? +

How long will it take to get my blood results back? +

What does my appointment fee include? +

What length of appointment should I book? +

What is the cancellation policy? +

How much do blood tests cost? +

How do I access private scans/X-rays? +

Can you refer me to a specialist? +

Do you guarantee appointment availability? +

Do you see medical or psychiatric emergencies? +

Will you issue repeat prescriptions? +

I use my NHS GP, can I use Idos too? +

Will my private insurance cover my treatment with Idos Health? +

I would like to learn more, do you have a patient information leaflet? +

How can I become an Idos approved practitioner? +

Is Idos CQC registered? +

Is your service confidential? +

What about data protection? +

What ongoing training do Idos practitioners and staff receive? +

What is a CIC? +

What is a Social Enterprise? +

What is Idos' Social Objective? +

I am unhappy with my experience at Idos. What should I do? +