Dr Modesta Kavu

General Practitioner

Dr Kavu graduated at the Medical University of Warsaw as a Doctor of Medicine in 2005. She later qualified as a Family Doctor after completing her general practioner training in 2012.

She has worked in general practice and in hospitals overseas and in the UK which includes working within the NHS and private practices where she had gained various skills and experience in different health care settings.

Her experience includes working in respiratory medicine in a leading NHS hospital where she published and presented a medical article to the British Thoracic Association Conference. She also has extensive experience in health screening.

She aspires to do more voluntary work in poorer countries and communities in addition to always thriving to do her best to help others around her.

Outside work, she enjoys exercising, travelling and spending time with her loved ones. She is a member of a church choir although we cannot honestly say we have ever heard her sing.