Dr Ceri Sutherland

Consultant in Sleep Medicine

Dr Sutherland began her career in the unusual area of Sleep Medicine in 2001 at two London teaching hospitals. She studied this whilst training to be a consultant Anaesthetist and is qualified in both specialities. Now working as the lead Sleep Consultant in her NHS practice, she has an interest in Sleep and Circadian biology and more recently has extended this interest into the related topic of Fatigue.

Dr Sutherland has close family relatives with long-term serious health conditions and believes in a holistic complementary approach to health through lifestyle and respect for the internal body clock. She helps clients harmonise their internal physiology to their external world including the timing of light exposure, diet and exercise.

A longstanding practitioner of yoga, meditation and timed eating and exercise, she believes this, along with good sleep and relaxation, creates the foundation for all other aspects of our health.

She is currently undertaking a PhD in fatigue, is a trained mentor (active listening) and is part of a Fatigue in Healthcare Workers research group.