Dominic Cleary

Qigong and Shiatsu Practitioner

A practitioner of Shiatsu, Qigong and Tai Chi, Dominic is a long-term member of The Shiatsu Society (UK). He’s been running a Shiatsu practice in Newcastle regularly for over 25 years as well as studying and running classes in Tai Chi & Qigong for a similar length of time. He lives in the Derwent valley and sees clients and runs classes in Newcastle, Sunderland and from a workspace at home.

Every day Dominic sees and experiences a connection between all three practices in his work. A Swiss Missionary talking about Chinese philosophy, wrote in 1867: “They see a golden chain of spirited life running through every form of existence, and binding together as in one living body everything that subsists in heaven above or earth below”. The traditions of Shiatsu, Qigong & Tai Chi have always acknowledged that body, mind, emotions and spirit are all connected. Disharmony (or dis-ease) can originate therefore from a myriad of sources, and it is the practitioner’s task to assist the patient, to get to the root of any particular disharmony.