Idos comes from the word “eidos” or essence

Idos is a social enterprise which offers a private wellbeing centre in the charming St Peter’s Wharf, a stone’s throw from Newcastle upon Tyne’s Quayside.

Our social objective is to provide education and projects around alternative approaches to staying well and preventing ill health to our local communities.

We offer a variety of medical, psychological and complementary therapy appointments in our beautiful and easily accessed clinic space.

Modern scientific knowledge and technology blended with ancient wisdom give our clients the best chance to feel truly well.

Our practitioners will work together in our pleasant, clean clinic space, to get the best for you.

The essence of true wellbeing comes from using all health approaches and freeing your time for living

How is Idos different?

We can help you to blend conventional medical treatment with other wellbeing therapies that make you feel better. Our Idos practitioners will work together to get the best for you and will ensure you are involved and consenting every step of the way

This means you can get blood tests and other conventional medical tests alongside complementary and psychological care.

You can get a monthly subscription for yourself or you and your family.

Why now?

Seeing your doctor or therapist in person is a therapy in itself.

Complementary therapies such as yoga, acupuncture and shiatsu are low risk and increasingly recognised to be good for our health. Dietary approaches can cure some illnesses such as type 2 diabetes. Sleep problems cause anxiety and depression which in turn can cause physical illness. Psychological support can help us to unwind and relax leading to better overall health outcomes.

Covid-19 has made us think about health and wellbeing in a new way and Idos is here to help

Are you an organisation looking for medical or wellbeing services?

We offer groups and individuals a wide selection of community based medical, psychological and complementary care.

In line with the NHS long term plan we use both social and behavioural prescribing.

We are committed to our social objective of care for all.

We are CQC registered

If you think our services may benefit your organisation or community please get in touch.

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